Monday, June 18, 2007

Updates on

Hello. I'm going to be working hard these next several weeks to get the web site moving forward. My wife and I will be moving in about one month and it make take a while in that transition before I'll have internet again, so I'm trying to make some good progress before that time. I appreciate your prayers for the move, I have found a job, but I still need to get our house here sold very soon.

I have updated the apologetics site and added a "Christian Presuppositions" page and linked to it a sub page on the "Existence of God" and "The Bible as God's Word." The "Existence of God" page has an article already on that page and is going to be undergoing further construction. The page for "The Bible as God's Word" is still under construction and doesn't yet have an article posted.

If you haven't seen the page on "Leadership" under "Biblical Christianity" that page has been updated recently too. Let me know what you think!

In Him


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