Wednesday, April 30, 2008


My family and I will be moving to Junction City, KS on the 17th of may and I will be jumping right in to my pastoral role as I will be preaching God's word the next day. The senior pastor, Nathan Butler, will be gone my first weekend there because his oldest son is graduating from college that Sunday. Feel free to check out my new church's web site: The site is new and not finished, however, there is a fair amount to look at there.

I will be developing a blog for the student ministry at FSBC and will have that up and going soon. I intend to let the students vote on a name for the student ministry, so that is still to be determined.

On other fronts, the site is still under development, we have made some progress but it will still be a while. My developer is quite talented but also quite busy as he is a graduating senior in High School this year. I will keep you posted as the site develops.

I have sold several copies of the Baptism Debate and have plenty more available. Again the cost is 10 dollars which includes shipping for orders here in the United States. Just contact me via email at and I will give you the information you need to order a copy for yourself or your church.

Sola Deo Gloria,

Jacob Allee

Monday, April 28, 2008

Great News!

Well, I am officially a youth pastor once again! I went to Junction City, KS over the weekend and candidated for the position at First Southern Baptist Church and the church has called me to be their Youth Pastor!

I'm quite excited about the opportunity, I really like the Pastor a lot as well as all of those who I had the opportunity of meeting. There is a good group of core students that I will be starting with and they are great kids, I look forward to really getting to know them.

I will be starting there in about three weeks. Thanks to all who have been praying for us as we have been searching for a position in which to serve!

Sola Deo Gloria,

Jacob Allee

Sunday, April 13, 2008

FBC Ulysses

I will be doing a presentation on the defense of the Trinity and Deity of Christ this coming Sunday morning at First Baptist Church in Ulysses, KS. If you are anywhere around Ulysses Kansas I would invite you to come and join us that morning. The service starts at 10:45 am. The address is: 220 N Simpson St, Ulysses KS. 67880 and the church's number is (620) 356-2722 if you need to ask for directions. Of course you can just enter in the address at

Sola Deo Gloria,

Jacob Allee

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ben Stein, Making Christian Friends and Darwinian Enemies

I just came across something that really took me by surprise. I had no idea about this project until today, but apparently Ben Stein is coming out with a movie that will hit theatre's nation wide April 18 called "Expelled." This movie is about the fact that schools around the world have almost unanimously "expelled" the notion of intelligent design. The movie is meant to put this debate in the public spotlight and present the case for intelligent design as, at the very least, a reasonable theory that deserves as much attention as evolution.

There are many brilliant scientist's around the world, Christian and non Christian, that believe intelligent design is true, highly probable, or at least a viable theory that should be considered next to or over evolution.

I don't know much more about the movie really other than it has gained endorsements from people like James Dobson, Chuck Colson, the lead singer of the newsboys, and a whole bunch of other big "names" in the Christian community.

I'm looking forward to seeing it. I hope it does a good job of presenting the case for intelligent design so that it will show unbelievers that there is ample evidence that points towards a creator over random chance + time.

Anyway, here is a link if you want to look at more information about the movie (and I guess curriculum to buy for your church that coordinates with the movie). I don't necessarily endorse the movie or the curriculum for that matter, seeing as how I just found out about it, but this movie should at least push an important discussion into the public spot light.

Sola Deo Gloria,

Jacob Allee

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Debate Now Available on DVD

Hello all,

I just wanted to let everyone know that the debate that took place a while back at Tabor College between myself and Mr. Garret Boyer is now available on DVD. The cost to receive a copy is $10.00 which includes shipping to anywhere in the US. If you are outside the US I will have to check on shipping cost's to your area and get back with you.

For those who might not remember, the debate was over the topic of "Is Baptism a Necessary Condition for Salvation?" Garret Boyer is a member of the Church of Christ and contended for the position that it is indeed a requirement for salvation. I of course took the traditional protestant/Baptist view that it is not, rather it is By faith alone we are saved. The debate is just a bit under 2 hours long.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the debate please contact me by email at, and I will work out the details with you as far as shipping address and payment options. Hopefully after the new site is finished being constructed this will be a much simpler process with the store that will be built into the site.

Sola Deo Gloria,

Jacob Allee

Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Logo

If you go to you can now see the new logo. I'd love your feed back on it. Work is continuing on the site as a whole and there will be more to look at soon.

Sola Deo Gloria,

Jacob Allee