Monday, April 28, 2008

Great News!

Well, I am officially a youth pastor once again! I went to Junction City, KS over the weekend and candidated for the position at First Southern Baptist Church and the church has called me to be their Youth Pastor!

I'm quite excited about the opportunity, I really like the Pastor a lot as well as all of those who I had the opportunity of meeting. There is a good group of core students that I will be starting with and they are great kids, I look forward to really getting to know them.

I will be starting there in about three weeks. Thanks to all who have been praying for us as we have been searching for a position in which to serve!

Sola Deo Gloria,

Jacob Allee

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BarryDean said...

Congrats Jacob. I will have to check out your churches web site. God be praised. I will be praying for your ministry. BTW - could you upgrade to Blogspot's OpenID functionality? That way commenters don't need to have a blogspot or Google account. Thanks buddy.