Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dramatic Change to Reformation In Progress Home Site





Nath @ Reformed Geek said...

I think the new layout is a lot nicer. My suggestion would be that it still needs to have some work done on making the formatting consistent. Having too many different colors for the text can be hard on the eye etc. You are better to use one color (pref black) and then use a H1, H2, H3 format. There is say Bold 12 for H1, Bold 10 for H2, and all text is normal 10pt for example.

If your style guide remains consistent throughout the site it will make it easier to read and to understand.

Also, the navbar is a bit confusing with the codes? Maybe the navigation needs to be organised a bit better.

Please don't take offense, I think it is great what you are doing. These things may be able to help communicate your site better that's all. :)

risen_soul said...


I appreciate the suggestions! Not offended at all. I think I will implement them all except the nav bar. Believe me, if I could change the navbar I would, but the site building tool I'm using is pretty basic (which is good for me because I can hardly even type let alone design a website unless it is completely user friendly). Unfortunately this limits me a lot.

The Codes on the side bar are simply pages that you can get to through the links at the top of the sidebar.

For instance the "Biblical Christianity" page has x number of links on that page and those links are BC1, BC2, BC3, etc... But those links have names like "The Trinity" and "Doctrines of Grace" on the "Biblical Christiany" page.

Does that make sense? The problem is the builder I am using doesn't allow me to have a page on my site that doesn't appear on the nav bar. If I had it my way you wouldn't be able to see all of those codes.

I'm sure to the Reformed Geek this seems like silly problem... but alas, not all of us are as brilliant when it comes to the new fangled machines!

If you want to build me a sweet site...I'd let you!!!

Nath @ Reformed Geek said...

Ahh that makes sense now. :)

Sometimes you've just got to work with your limitations, and I think the coding system you have used was a good choice.