Monday, February 26, 2007

Tomorrow's Podcast

Tomorrow on Reformation In Progress's podcast I will be taking a look at 1 Corinthians chapters 12-14 and discussing Spiritual gifts with a focused look upon the gift of tongues. My hope is to handle this controversial topic in a manner that honors Christ and the Scriptures. I believe if we take an honest and systematic look at the Scriptures then we will be able to see and learn a lot about this issue that causes so much strife and contention.

As I have been studying the issue again in preparation for the show I have attempted to set aside my presuppositions as much as anyone can and study with an open mind asking, "what does the Scripture really teach about tongues." I look forward to hearing responses from you all after the podcast.

Again, if you have questions that you want me to tackle on the show regarding Scripture and the Christian faith or if you have a question or comment about what is said, please send me an e-mail at:


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