Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Check out the new additions to the site...

Hello all!

I've made some more additions to the new apologetics site. I would love your feedback and suggestions as well as pointing out any corrections I need to make for spelling and grammar. It is my goal to be fair and accurate in representing other faiths and their positions, so those of you who are Roman Catholic or LDS or anything else, I would love your advice on different theologians and websites I could read to make sure I can give an accurate representation of your view on the site. I don't believe in making "Straw Man" arguments. I want to be fair and honest with other people's positions just as I want them to be fair and honest with mine. "Do unto others..." you know.

Clearly the articles that will eventually be on this site will be a rebuttal against other religious perspectives, but I want the arguments against them to be arguments against what people in those faiths actually believe and not just a caricature of their faith.

I welcome suggestions for further topics that are not yet listed on the site also. As of now I am still just trying to get the shell of the website done, their will be much to come in the way of content later. It will be a slow but hopefully fairly steady process.


Let me hear what you think!

In Him -Jacob


Hidden One said...

Well, on LDS, I have been told by a Mormon that CARM's summary of Mormon beliefs is accurate.

As to Catholicism... well, I'd advise you read up on material on the Catholic Answers website (the search function and 'Ask an Apologist' forum are very handy) and at New Advent in the Catholic Encyclopedia, but those are probably on your list. I found those to be very useful resources for the Catholic view on... jsut about everything. Specifically, on Scripture, I advise you look up and read H.G. Graham's "Where We Got the Bible", which is available in (free)e-book format at several websites. PhatCatholic Apologetics is a Catholic -service- run by a knowledgeable student who gives very rapid responses to any questions, so that might be a good choice as well.

Scott Hahn and Mark Shea are excellent authors to read if you are planning to read full-on printed books, and Jimmy Akin and Dave Armstrong both have very useful blogs/websites, with ltos of issues available on the search function.

Ok, that should keep you plenty more than busy (and there's more where they came from). You know I'll be watching this site as closely as I can (and if school didn't eat up my time, I'd be commentign actively on this blog as it is.)

Sincerely in Christ,
Hidden One

risen_soul said...


Thanks for the suggestions. I'll be sure to check those out. A lot of those you mentioned I'm familiar with somewhat already.

I'm going to try and let the opposin views speak for themselves on my site. I will be citing a lot of sources and not writing their view entirely by myself.

I do appreciate the accountability. Obviously not everyone is going to agree where with where I am coming from and will reject my defense, but nonetheless I want to represent their side fairly.


Hidden One said...

And I thank you for it. I figured you knew about some/most of those resources, but its always a question of 'which ones'. :P