Saturday, September 8, 2007

James White Cross Examinating George Bryson

No doubt about it. James White is the best apologist around. I love how he forces people to show that they don't know what they are talking about. George Bryson clearly shows here, he does not know what he is talking about.

Answer the question that is asked George!

This is the cross examination portion of a debate over the issues of Calvinism. Specifically Dr. White holds Bryson to the question ragarding John 6:37 and 44. There is no way to answer that question accurately unless you give the Calivinist answer.



Barry said...

George never did answer the question. He sure kept going down a different road each time Dr. White asked about the two hims. Thanks for finding these videos.
Dr. James White rocks!

WalkingOnTheH2O said...

It's funny how two people can see the same debate and come to completely different conclusions... Dr White asked the wrong question.... He asked a loaded question in fact. George wasn't inferring that these two people were either the same nor different.... He was saying that the person who is drawn by the father is the person who believes... these verses actually present huge problems for calvinists because in them, Jesus is saying that whoever does the action of believing in me because of my father's drawing, will never be kicked out and also they will be given over to me by the father. Verb tenses can only be made sense of in context. you cannot pull verses out of context and say that the bible teaches xyz. James made some fundamental assumptions about Bryson in this debate and for that... he has failed to convince any person who objectively doesn't wear calvinist glasses. it's funny how calvinists see things that no one else sees because for everyone else.. they're not even there.

cato said...

Actually, I thought George did very well in spite of the fact that he does not have debate experience. Considering James is an experienced debater he did have the edge. James appears like he was trying to lead Bryson, when Bryson said something that white agreed with, White ignored him and kept asking question after question, I would have not been as courteous as Bryson. I agree Bryson was sincere but James's goal is not sincerity but winning the debate. Therefore, he had to use the cross-examination to try to pin him down like in a wrestling match. With some more debates under his wings Bryson would be able to champion White I'm sure.