Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rough Draft of My Book Is Finally Finished!

It's been what seems like forever but I finally have my rough draft finished for my book. I've gone through several different names for the book. First I was calling it "It's Not My Fault I'm A Christian" then I changed it slightly to "It's Not Your Fault That You're A Christian." However after some reflection, I decided to drop the cute title and play on words and go with (at least for now) "Calling Protestants Back to Protestant theology."

The rough draft is 23,989 words, which will equal about a 100 page book I believe. I may very well continue to ponder the title and change it once again, but this title at least captures the purpose of me writing the book. My desire is to challenge protestant Christians to return to the theology (reformed theology) that made them protestants to begin with.

No matter what denomination people are a part of, their roots take them back the reformation and the theology of the reformers. It is this theology that is the most consistent and biblical view of the gospel as summed up by the doctrines of grace.

I'm going to see if I can get a couple of different people to read it and help me revise and edit it, and then I'll hopefully have it ready to submit to publishers very soon thereafter. If nothing else I've learned of some pretty affordable self publishing options that I might go with if I can't get my book picked up by by publishing house (a difficult thing to do for an unpublished author the first time).

I'll keep you informed as things develop!

In Him -Jacob


Nath @ Reformed Geek said...

I had no idea that you were writing a book. I look forward to reading it when it is finished.

Barry said...


I would love to read it dude. I've been following your blog for quite some time now and wondered when you would have it completed. You rock!
I look forward to reading "It's Not Your Fault Your a Christian".

risen_soul said...


Yeah I told everyone like 8 months ago that I was writing a book that makes a Scriptural case for Calvinism. Well, the rough draft is finished. So I'm going to let some people I respect (both Calvinist and non) read it and give me feedback. Then I'll edit it further and perhaps add and takeaway some things. Hopefully I'll have a finished manuscript in another couple of months.


Yup, finally made some progress. I've been so busy with school and things it tool me some time to find the time to work on it again. I look forward to having it done for all of you guys (and hopefully many others) to read.