Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Who Really Benefits From The Health & Wealth Gospel?

"Eddie Long and Benny Hinn are among six televangelists whose ministries are being investigated by a Senate panel. The other four are led by Paula White, Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar and Kenneth Copeland" says an article found on AOL news.

Regardless of what the findings are of this panel the list of "who's who" in the Charismatic televangelists have obviously drawn attention because of their lavish living. From million dollar mansions to private jets, expensive cars, etc., it would seem the only one who truly benefits from the charismatic "Health & Wealth" are the underhanded Scripture abusing preachers that we so often see on TV. I doubt seriously that the list should really stop with these 6.

Here's the link to the news article:


As Christians if we really want the "abundant life" that Scripture promises, let's not pursue spiritual handouts from God, let's pursue holiness.



Darryl said...

Until now, we clearly see why GOD said, 'for us to come out from amongst them and be separate SAYS THE LORD THY GOD'.

The Church should not have sold itself to a low of having to abide by standards of a corrupt government, that supports alcohol distribution, homosexuality, terrorism (financing war and arming third world countries, who have now become what they say is a threat!) , illegal taxation of the people (defining no law for income tax), and for the past 35 years perpetuated a lie that the dollar is money, AND the government supports credit and debt lending as a means to acquire material gain. The government is clearly out of contect from the Bibles teaching of owing no man'.

Nonetheless, the church has now become the model of the government's child in which the government has developed a standard that is in opposition of the MODEL of the church that is outlined in the Holy Bible ( Authorized King James Version, mind you). If you need proof of this, call the Internal Revenue Services at 1-800- 829-1040, and ask them! Tell the IRS that you are starting a church, ask them what you must do to start a church, and they will clearly say in order for you to be a church you have to be a nonprofit organization, with a location, at least three people, and you must file for your tax exempt status, which means that the 501c3 tax exempt status is the internal revenue services standard for certifying you as a church.

The moment that you accept the 501c3 and the tax id number you are no longer a church of Jesus Christ but a church of Government, like any other business, i.e. LLC, CCorp, SCorp, etc.,

Now if you desire to be open minded and learn a more excellent way of serving God as a church, the church must be totally pivate, and must not have any other God that it submits to or serves, other than Eloim (God Almighty) the church must come out from amongst the governments standard of a church, surrender their 501c3 and tax id numbers, so that it might be separate from state and federal government.

Now, I ask, who is the ruler here? Does Jesus have the government upon HIS shoulder or not? Isaiah 9:6...The Church once it submits to GOVERNMENT the Church is automatically propelled to come under a false god! It is then that the church, believes that it must have tax exemption status before it can function as the House of worship!..Wooooo! Cloak and Dagger Move of the Anti Christ!

Where does the government get the audacity to impose an audit upon the Government (Church) of JESUS the CHRIST, GOD? Or Does the Governemnt Beleives that it is god and that all, even Jesus should bow down to it?

It is clearly seen throughout the history of the church that the church have been personally persecuted by not submitting to government's rule and order. So out of FEAR we find the church submitting to governments rule and order...

Therefore if the institution that is being managed by Oral Roberts, and the churches that are being run by Dollar, Meyers, Copeland, White, Hinn, Long and Jakes etc., were to do as Pastor Greg Dixon at the Indianapolis Baptist Temple ( www.indianapolistemple.com) has done, then they would come out from amongst this corrupt governement, and return to them these chains of bondage 501c3 and tax Id number. They would each then form a private contract pure Trust that would separate them from habeas corpus, and then place the church under the constitutions protection, whereby congress can make no law that controls one's right to manage GOD'S CHURCH.

The 501c3 is an alluring tactic of the devil to cause men and women to set up their worship of GOD under an order of the Prince of the Power of the air.

It is now our time to get behind the church, and teach these men and women a more excellent truth. We don't need a corrupt tax system in the Church and nor do we as Christians need tax exemption to run a church, and we surely don't need tax exemption to receive a tax writeoff...Why because we give to our Lord a tenth of what already belongs to HIM...We definatley don't need a receipt from GOD, do we!!...We give unto HIM withouth the thought of getting..The church under the U.S. Constitution is already exempt from taxation.



Reverend Dr. D.L.
Uniting God's People Ministries

risen_soul said...

I suppose that's one way of looking at it.

Really the tax exemption is privelage for churches and other non-profit groups to have. It doesn't have anything to do with submitting to the government, it does not by law give the government any right to meddle with the church or organizations beliefs or teaching, etc.

Nor do churches have to pursue such status if they don't desire to, and that's ok.

However the issue at hand with these televangelists is that they did chose to be tax exempt, not that they were forced, and yet they have taken the advantages that such exemption affords and they have used it (allegedly)to line their pockets with the offering of people who are giving to the ministry, not their private jets.

People who make their church or organization 501c3 do so voluntarily and therefore subject themselves to the IRS if they abuse the privelage that they applied for and were granted.

If you don't want 501c3, don't get it. But if you do, abide by the law.

Scripture does not prohibit cooperation with the government unless it violates a Scriptural command or mandate. I hardly see acquiring tax exemption as a sinful thing to do when it free's up a ministry to serve more people because it takes their money further not being taxed. But if you subject yourself to exemption you have to honor the rules.

Authorized King James Version? Good for you, it's less accurate then some of the newer translations such as the NASB or ESV, but if you'd like to cling to that and claim it as the only legitemate translation, be my guest.