Tuesday, March 6, 2007

New Podcast

Today's podcast I discussed the issue of the sufficiency of Scripture for all that the believer needs to know God and live a godly and pleasing life before Him, versus continued revelation the common thread of cults.

To listen to the show, go to: http://reformationinprogress.mypodcast.com.

Here is the link I mentioned on the podcast if you want to read the full article by Mark Dever:


In Him -Jacob


Anonymous said...

You might want to read Vern Poythress' article below.


Also, I would like to respond to your words that the Bible is the only thing needed for us to live godly lives. How can you say that in light of the biblical descriptions about the new covenant? It is the ministry of the Spirit? All who are led by the Spirit are not under the law? You cannot deny the reality of God speaking today simply by saying that it is dangerous! You are commanded in the Scripture not to despise such things and thereby quench the Spirit of God. You are commanded to test them and sift the good from the bad, not throw it all out because you don't like the hard work of discernment. I think that you would be greatly helped by taking a humble position in all of this. Your podcast sounded extremely arrogant and devisive.

risen_soul said...

I'll be glad to check out the article you gave.

I would like to clarify what the point of the podcast was. The sufficiency of Scripture has long been a position held by the protestant church, especially those in the reformed tradition.

What is meant when I say that "the bible is all we need for us to live Godly lives" is not to mean that we aren't empowered by the Spirit to live Godly lives, of course we are. The Scripture in Romans is very clear that "those who are in the flesh cannot please God." So clearly the Spirit of God is necessary in order to live a godly life.

If I worded things so as to give the impression that I was negating that truth, I repent. I certainly did not mean that we did not need the Spirit to live godly lives.

However I will say again and continue to stand by the fact that God speaks to us today through His word and that it is the final authority. God does not reveal things to us personally in the sense that we may say "God told me." The "God told me" statement is extremely dangerous and smacks of every cult leader that has come about since the time of Christ.

I don't think I am told in Scripture to accept any revelation outside of that found in Scripture itself. And even when we "feel" that we are being lead by the Spirit of God to do this or that, our final decision must be informed by Scripture, because Scripture alone is our authority.

To much of Christianity today is influenced by relativism and subjectivism, and personal opinions. We need to get back to relying on Scripture and Scripture alone to guide us and teach us. It is Scripture that makes us "...competent for every good work." (2 Tim. 3:17)

I aplogize if I came across as arrogant, but I stand by my postition that Scripture is sufficient for everything we need to inform us how to live godly lives, and we are empowered to live out what Scripture teaches and commands by the indwelling Spirit of God.

God bless.