Monday, March 5, 2007

Please Welcome Our New Author

I would like to announce that a new author has been added to the blog ministry of Reformation In Progress. Please welcome David Blissett to the ministry.

David and I became friends via the blogosphere, and have developed a strong brotherly bond in Christ as preachers and teachers of God's word. David is a Master's of divinity student at MoodyBible Institute in Chicago, IL. and therefore is a busy guy like myself and will post whenever the opportunity arises. I'm excited about what David can bring to the table here at Reformation In Progress.

David also author's a blog called "Get Out of the Boat" which you can check out here:

In Him -Jacob

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Mark 1:17 said...


Thanks for the introduction!

Sorry for the lateness of this response but it has been a very intense time around here. We just got to Spring Break...which means that there was a ton of work due before break and a ton of work due right after break.
I am hoping to get all the rest of my homework done for the semester. Which will enable me to start posting very soon. We will see what happens!

Thanks agian!