Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sorry Everyone

I told everyone a while back that I would do a podcast today about the young earth vs. old earth views. I am still planning to get that done I assure you, but I haven't had the time this week after all. I had a meeting this morning and then went to see some frineds with my wife, who just had their baby. And tomorrow I will be getting ready to leave on a trip with my youth group to Silver Dollar City. And then Thursday through Sunday I will be out of town. All that said, I hope to be able to try again next week, but I will just have to see.

Sorry everyone. But I am looking forward to this podcast and I want to do a good job representing both sides. Therefore I want to make sure I have proper prep time for the podcast. I'll get to it A.S.A.P.

In Him -Jacob


Anonymous said...

No worries mate. (We) really don't care anyway. It's apparent from the very few comments that you receive that if someone doesn't agree with your hyper-calvinistic belief, you are more than able to "use" scripture to prove them wrong. Ironic as Dr. Os Guinness speaks of how the same methodology that you use was used in the state church of Western Europe, which drove people away from the church. Predictably, your comment to this will entail your standing for truth as defined by the infallible word of God, as if it needs your bombastic attitude to support it. I've read many of your posts, gritting my teeth. Your approach to those who differ with you is indicative of Western culture. You bash the hammer of Christianity on others, with no apparent regard to their beliefs all in the name of Christ. As with the state church, your attitude is what keeps people from Christ. "It's this way or the highway". Symptomatic of a true missionary no doubt. Mahatma Gandhi said "If not for Christians, I would be one".

Now it's your turn. Bash away. You cannot resist this one. Far too many foolish statements to pass up.

Oh, yes, congratulations on your being ordained. Because that means power, and power of course means so much to God.


risen_soul said...

Well, God will be my judge.